A how-to guide on successfully accessing resources for veterans

Hello, all. My name is Alvin Stockdale and I am an OEF Army veteran. Over the years, I have found that I wasn’t always aware¬†of resources available to veterans. I often heard about programs from other veterans, since it seems that many resources aren’t advertised. While I was in graduate school, I was able to collaborate with another veteran to build a resource guide for veterans. While working on that site I came to the realization that just giving someone a link to a resource may not be all that helpful. While you sometimes know about a resource, that doesn’t mean you know how to apply for it. I decided I needed to create a new site where I could provide an in-depth explanation of what my experience was while accessing resources for veterans.

I have worked for the VA as an undergraduate student and currently work for the federal government as a civilian. I am also a librarian, which means my main skill is knowing how to find information. I hope someone finds this site helpful and please let me know if you have a question or want to suggest a topic.